Do Laser Combs Work to Stop Hair Loss in Men?

Laser combs are one of the newer products marketed to stop or slow hair loss available today. They use gentle and safe lasers to heat up the scalp, which stimulates the hair follicles to produce more hair and grow stronger and thicker strands. Many men consider combs or brushes with laser devices as an interim step between shampoos and creams and hair replacement surgery or implants. They are frequently used with over-the-counter treatment types like special conditioners, nourishing scalp oils, or products that contain minoxidil.

 At first glance, it may seem rather odd to use a laser equipped comb on your head. In fact, all the information you learned from science fiction movies would seem to indicate that a laser would blast your hair follicles and destroy them. The ones used in these products, however, are very safe and only add heat and targeted light to your skin and hair. In your quest for an attractive, fuller head of hair, you may consider using a laser comb in your daily regimen.

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What Does a Laser Comb Do for Hair Loss?

Lasers have become quite a talking point in the health, wellness, and beauty industries for a while. They are used in a variety of spa and medical office treatments for skin issues, fat loss, and more. The low-level laser therapy (LLLT) devices are now showing up with claims that they help reverse hair loss or stimulate additional hair growth on the scalp. All you have to do is comb your hair with the device two or three times every week with the laser activated. Each individual product has its own manufacturer's instructions, which are important to follow.

What do the lasers actually do? Hair follicles follow a three-stage cycle that covers weeks, months, and even years for each individual strand. The anagen growth stage can last for years but is shortened in men who struggle with male pattern baldness or overall thinning. After growth, the hair enters the telogen or resting phase. The longer this lasts, the longer you have thicker hair coverage. The final phase is called catagen, which is a transition phase when the hair falls out and a new one replaces it. As you can see, any disruption in the process leads to more empty hair follicles at a time. This is why your hair looks thin or you go bald in spots.

The gentle yet effective lasers provide both light and heat energy to the follicles that stimulates them and promotes faster hair growth. The hair root, which is formed before the hair comes out of your scalp, get stronger and improves the quality of the follicle at the same time. The laser comb specifically targets the anagen stage of the natural cycle.

 Are Laser Combs Safe for Men's Hair Loss Treatment?

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved laser combs as a safe product to use in an attempt to support hair growth and minimize hair loss for both men and women. This non-invasive treatment option does not cause pain, redness, or any irritation in most people. Low-level laser therapy has been used for decades in a variety of different treatment options. There has never been any injuries or bodily damage as long as the person using the device follows the instructions. Not only have laser combs for hair loss in men been deemed safe, but studies have shown them to be quite effective, too. Many men consider the expense worth a try before looking at invasive surgical procedures.

While many men try everything possible to combat hair loss and regrow a healthier, younger looking head of hair, a laser comb may not give you the results you want on its own. While there is evidence that the low-level laser therapy helps, it makes sense to combine this option with other treatments. One that has garnered a lot of positive attention is caffeine shampoo with other important nutrients like biotin, saw palmetto, and tried-and-true minoxidil. Hairyfy's hair growth for men shampoo and conditioner formulas offer a great solution that you can use on their own or in conjunction with a laser comb device.

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