How to Choose the Best Hair Growth Shampoo for Men

Hair loss affects many men in different ways. Some men experience male pattern baldness starting from a young age or begin to have thinning at their crown when they are older. Hair growth shampoo is a helpful part of your healthy hair care routine. So many different brands and formulas exist on the market today, so it can be difficult to choose the best one for you. These tips will help you narrow down your options and choose something that will work effectively.

Caffeine shampoo for men

Focus on Hair Growth Shampoo for Men Specifically

Many shampoos claim to give you a full, healthy head of hair. However, most of these words and phrases are used for advertising purposes only. If your hair is clean and moisturized, the companies believe it is healthier. While this is true to a degree, it has nothing to do with boosting hair growth rates or preventing the hair follicles from letting go of the strands too soon. Pick a shampoo with ingredients that promote growing hair, healthy follicles, and in nourished scalp. Of course, the product should clean your hair well at the same time.

Caffeine shampoo
Caffeine shampoo for men

Look For Hair Growth Shampoo Ingredients

What types of things should a shampoo include in the special formula if you want both clean and healthy hair? Men need to read the fine print on the side of the bottle or do a bit of research about different vitamins, nutrients, oils, and manufactured solutions like minoxidil before making a purchase. Can be tough to figure out which one contains the most helpful ingredients. Here are some to watch for:

 • Minoxidil – used to stimulate hair growth in male pattern baldness
• Saw palmetto – blocks DHT, a hormone that increases hair loss
• Argan oil – moisturizes and protects from hair strand damage
• Caffeine – may block DHT and increases circulation to the hair follicles
• Biotin – boost hair strand strength and encourages growth.

  Two of the ingredients mentioned above indicate that they block DHT. This is a hormone that is associated with sexual maturity, oil and sweat production, and hair growth specifically. Once a man has reached adulthood, DHT no longer provides a benefit. Instead, it starts the process of male pattern baldness development. If you can slow that down or block it, your hair has a better chance to grow strong and thick.

 Minoxidil is a well-researched medication that is specifically used to treat hair loss in male pattern baldness or androgen alopecia. You can get pills from your physician, but it is also commonly used in over-the-counter products that you apply directly to your hair. However, putting a cream on your scalp can make a mess. Choosing a shampoo with this powerful ingredient in it makes application simpler and more convenient.

 You may be surprised to see caffeine on this list. The same natural compound you use to wake you up in the morning and a cup of coffee is very helpful when used topically. Scientific studies have shown that it does enter your bloodstream through your skin and hair follicles specifically. Once inside, it provides the same benefits. One of the biggest is an increase in circulation. This helps with hair growth because your scalp and hair follicles need fluid, oxygen, and nutrients to do their best job of growing hair.

Take the Time to Read Hair Growth Shampoo Reviews 

Unfortunately, there are not a huge number of scientific studies specifically targeting men's hair growth shampoos. The ingredients listed above do have research backing them up when it comes to improving growth and slowing hair loss. More research is done by the companies who create the formulas themselves as they try their best to satisfy customers and deliver relief from hair loss issues. When it comes to choosing a shampoo or any other health and beauty product, most men get their advice from people they know and trust. Reading reviews, testimonials, and looking at before and after pictures online is a great way to narrow down your options.

 Before you make a purchase, take some time to look into a few brands and different products yourself. Choose one like the Hairyfy men's caffeine shampoo and conditioner solution based on the star ratings, comments left by other customers, and the images they share. Looking at close up shots of scalps and hair growth patterns can help you understand which hair growth shampoo is right for you.

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