Hair Loss After Covid – How Illness and Stress Affects Your Hair

Besides all the other health and wellness issues caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, hair loss has affected many people all around the world. This issue is caused by two different things. First of all, anyone who contracted Covid may experience an interruption in the hair growth lifecycle and faster hair loss due to the illness itself. The second huge factor is the high level of stress that accompanied the changes caused by the pandemic. Both of these things work together to create an environment where it is difficult to maintain optimum health, which leads to increasing problems with hair growth in general.

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Illness Frequently Leads to Hair Loss 

It is an unfortunate truth that hair loss can occur after any illness. This is especially true if you have a high fever as one of the symptoms. Instead of your hair falling out because of virus itself, the problem actually comes from a disruption in the normal growth cycle. Your hair follicles go through different stages of growing new hairs and shedding old ones. Having a higher body temperature or other stresses caused by sickness makes the shedding phase start earlier and last longer. All this means is that more hairs fall out than normal.

It is important to note that Covid-19 does not cause hair loss due to the viral makeup of the illness. It is a symptom of the overall problem. This means that you will be able to recover your normal hair growth after a sufficient healing period and a reduction in stress.

Since the normal shedding phase, which is called the exogen, lasts between two and five months, you may only see changes in the amount of hair on your head after you have already recovered from Covid. Expect to see normal growth return about six months after you are healthy again.

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Stress Is a Big Factor in Losing Your Hair

The other huge issue related to Covid-19 pandemic hair loss is stress. Of course, people who get sick with this horrible virus feel higher levels of anxiety and nervousness than others. The illness itself combined with the physical and emotional stress creates a perfect storm of complications that affect hair growth and retention. You end up shedding more hair rapidly in these circumstances.

People who avoid getting the virus are also affected by these stressful times, however. The pandemic caused high degrees of upheaval in everything from the economy and workforce to family and social lives. Any level of stress also speeds up the exogen or shedding phase. Unfortunately, if you notice your hair falling out, it can add even more anxiety to the situation.

How to Overcome Covid-related Hair Growth Issues

The best method of recovery is simply waiting for your hair to regain its natural lifecycle of growth and shedding. Of course, you should do everything your physician recommends to prevent contracting Covid or heal if you are diagnosed with it. At the same time, eat a healthy diet full of nutritious foods, drink enough water to stay properly hydrated, and take supplements that boost hair growth like antioxidants, iron, biotin, and others.

If you are losing a lot of hair due to stress, self-care techniques may help. Get plenty of rest, take up a relaxing hobby, try meditating, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. Another excellent option is to use a hair loss treatment product to help keep the strands you have as healthy as possible. These can also promote growth and invigorate your follicles to shorten recovery time.

Once you have recovered from your illness and made beneficial lifestyle changes to promote general health and wellness, you may like to add a helpful product to your hair care regimen. The caffeine shampoo and hair loss treatment conditioner developed by Hairyfy can provide the boost you need to combat hair loss after Covid. This special blend of nutrients, vitamins, essential oils, and minoxidil has shown to make great improvements in both the growth patterns and appearance of hair. You can feel like your attractive, confident self again.

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